A Session on Kerala Special Snacks & Soups

Starting Point: Food Culture Explorers

Available Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Duration: 3 Hours

Highlights: Cooking, Market Visit, Canoeing

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Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
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Package Summary

What childhood dish makes you feel good? The popular answer would be any delectable snack item you've eaten. Some of you may remember the sick-day soup as well. Whatever the answer, you need to look back to your growing-up days. Through this session, you will become familiar with the different soups and snacks in the traditional Kerala cuisine.

Detailed Itinerary

Arrival at our Kitchen

On arrival at our kitchen, we will be welcoming you with a refreshing welcome drink made with locally available herbs in Kerala.

An Introduction to Kerala Style Cooking

We will share our cooking process and how we use the common ingredients in traditional Kerala cooking. Through this session, you will become familiar with the different soups and snacks in the traditional Kerala cuisine.   


An Introduction to Basic Spices, or Masalas

Like all other cuisines, Kerala cuisine also has a set of basic spices used to temper the oil or to flavor the food while cooking. Kerala is known to be the spice garden of the world, and we will share how to choose the perfect spices for cooking different soups and snacks.


Session on the Preparation of Soups

Our oldest memories of soups date back to our childhood days when our mothers and grandmothers would prepare soups as a healing food to be eaten along with medicines. In our Kerala cuisine, soups are never the starters; they are starter medicines or medicines. We have soups as a complement to the medication. Our expert womenfolks use more spices in soups with different medicinal properties. Some help to improve digestion; some help to heal fever by making the body sweat more, while others are beneficial for respiratory problems. We have different varieties of soups during different seasons as a part of our food culture – mutton and special herbal rice soups during the monsoon and regular helpings of vegetarian soups like rasam and rice soup complete our meals.

We look forward to welcoming you to be a part of our memory trips, where we will have delightful conversations about how the soups are prepared and how they have kept healing us since childhood.


Session on Preparation of Snacks

If soups healed us, snacks kept us going. We never got tired of asking for another bite of our favorite snacks. Yes, we know that banana fritters and banana chips are the most popularly sought-after snack items for visitors in Kerala, but in this session, we will discuss the snacks that have stuck to our childhood memories.

Those less popular snacks like Ila Ada, Chakka Ada (Jackfruit snacks), and Pazham Nurukku (Banana cuts) might not have a glamourous look, but, back in those days, they satiated our small cravings during the tiffin breaks in the schools or when we came back home during the evening from school. More than our stomachs, they filled our souls with unforgettable memories.


The secret ingredient that was profusely used by our grandmothers and mothers while cooking snacks and soups were the generous doses of love. Now, it’s challenging to use the ingredient all by ourselves. Therefore, we thought about sharing our childhood memories attached to the food items. The medicinal soups might have tasted sharp or hot, but they always healed us. We might not have got proper morsels of snacks because we shared a piece with many friends or cousins, but the memories were manifold. Through this experience, we will share our stories and listen to your memories while we venture into cooking those memories together. 


Additional Info

  • Cooking Class
  • Meals & Beverages 
  • Traditional Snacks
  • Optional Canoe/ Kayak Cruise 
  • Purchase of items from the market/shop/local homes
  • Any other items which are not mentioned in the inclusion list
  • Pick up and Drop Services

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