About Us

The Dream, the Name, and the Team!

The Dream!

The insane stories of our crazy travels started with the search for food, the most fundamental means of survival! This evolution made the primate a more social animal, allowing it to form a diversity of races and cultures. We lost touch with our early roots while building new civilizations and expanding the land. But when we tried to visit our long-lost siblings, sometimes we got snubbed due to the difference in colour and culture. We feel that the unwillingness to accept cultural and ethnic diversity is the most significant setback for humanity! 

We imagine a world wherein everyone on earth embraces the differences in colour, culture, and traditions. We believe sharing the cuisine is a terrific way to start, as we got separated while searching for food! 

The Name!

Fire is regarded as one of humanity's most significant discoveries. Fire offered warmth and light, protected against predators, and acted as a means of making hunting tools and cooking food. These cultural changes made it easier for humans to move around the world, make new social and diet choices, and change how they behave. The ability to control fire was a major milestone in the development of technological evolution. 

The Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa is credited with being the world's first use of controlled fire and one of the first kitchens on our planet. Perhaps the early humans gathered together around the fire and had their food. We named our venture after the cave that marks the beginning of all cultural advancement for hominins. In our Wonderwerk Kitchen, we cherish recreating the heavenly experience of making a meal together and sharing it with our brothers and sisters from all around the globe!

The Team!

The Wonderwerk team loves to learn about new cultures and cuisines. We always wanted to create a platform that allows the best to comprehend culture, cuisine, and way of life!

Mr. Ray Thomas, a follower, and advocate of experiential tourism has linked up with Mr. Jesvanth Sudarshanan, a former engineer turned passionate chef who returned to his motherland after his resignation from a position as a research scholar in Germany. They invited Mr. Sanu, a local expert, and guide, to join them and so kept the doors open for many more individuals who take pleasure in witnessing the sparkle in the eyes of those who experience their cuisine!

If you share similar fantasies, craziness, and vibes, why don't you join us for a meal in our small dining room?

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