Kerala Meals Preparation and Introduction to Spices

Starting Point: Cheepunkal, Kumarakom

Available Timing: Cheepunkal, Kumarakom

Duration: 3 Hours

Highlights: Authentic Kerala Meals

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Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
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Package Summary

Highlights: Market Visit, Kerala Meals Preparation, Sulaimani Tea

Food holds a significant place in different celebrations across the globe, but in Southern India, it takes center stage in every aspect of life. There's a popular saying that we live to eat rather than merely survive, and this sentiment holds true in Kerala, where a meal is an indispensable part of our daily routine. Skipping a square meal for even a day is unimaginable. Thus, delving into the realm of Kerala meals and their preparation offers insight into our way of life, traditions, celebrations, and even our joys and sorrows.

In this package, we will explore the preparations of vegetarian, fish and meat dishes according to the preferences of the individuals. Vegetarian participants will be introduced to a variety of vegetarian meals. We will start by visiting the vibrant local market together to get a basic understanding of the commonly used ingredients in the Kerala meals preparation. We will also understand how to identify and select the freshest produce. 

From the market we will return to our kitchen and start our cooking session. In the cooking session you will get to know about the different cooking techniques and the art of combining the spices or masalas. After we have cooked the food together, we will share our food over warm conversations. Warm conversations will call for a cup of special tea, ‘Sulaimani Tea’ together and we will conclude our cooking session. 

Detailed Itinerary

Welcome Drink: 

Upon your arrival, you will be warmly greeted with a refreshing welcome drink made from the local spices and cooling ingredients found in the local Kumarakom farms in Kerala.

Local Market Visit: 

Once you have settled in, we will embark on a visit to the bustling local market. This will provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Indian market culture and gain a basic understanding of the ingredients we commonly use, as well as learn how to select the freshest produce.

Cooking Session:

After completing our market visit, we will return to our kitchen and begin the preparation process, all while exchanging stories and experiences. You will be guided through various cooking methods, techniques, and the art of combining spices (masalas). Together, we will create flavorful rice dishes, gravies, Kerala style stir fries, and curries.

Lunch With Sulaimani Tea: 

Once our cooking session is complete, we will sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor, savoring the meal we prepared together while sharing the love and care that went into its creation. Our session will conclude with a cup of black tea known as ‘Sulaimani’ , a delightful chaya infused with local Kerala spices, warmth and affection.

Additional Info

  • Welcome Drinks
  • Hand-on Cooking Session
  • Authentic Kerala Meals
  • Local Market Visit
  • Purchase of items from the market/shop/local homes
  • Pick up and Drop Services
  • Any other items which are not mentioned in the inclusion list

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