Spices in Kerala: A Beginner's Guide

Starting Point: Spice Enthusiasts

Available Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

Duration: 4Hours

Highlights: Cooking, Canoeing , Village Walks

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Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
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Package Summary

Chefs around the world have long valued spices from India for their diverse flavors and aromas. In 1498 Vasco Da Gama discovered a sea route connecting Europe and India, contributing to the global popularity of Indian spices. There are many reasons why Kerala is India's most popular spice tourism destination. Kerala Spice Tourism has become essential to India's overall tourism offering in recent years.

You will be introduced to the spices and other ingredients used in traditional Kerala cooking. We will have fun preparing the food together and have delightful conversations centered around the food while we do so!

Route Map

Detailed Itinerary

We will take you on a canoe or walking tour of the spice plantations surrounding Kumarakom, describing the many spices available and how to use them to prepare traditional Kerala cuisine. At the beginning of the tour, we will offer you a refreshing beverage, such as coconut water or buttermilk, with cooling spices.
After the welcome drink, we will provide an overview of the worldwide, Indian, and Kerala spice businesses, which date back to the ancient spice trade. At the conclusion of our introductory session, you will comprehend why Kerala is recognized as the "Spice Capital of the World."


A Discussion on the Varieties of Spices

We'll demonstrate various spices and explain their names and characteristics. Following that, we'll classify the green and dry spices and go over how to get the best combination of herbs and dry spices when making traditional Kerala cuisine. 

Differentiating the Quality of Spices 

Using high-quality spices is a critical element in the cooking process. Our specialists will teach you how to differentiate between different quality levels of spices and will assist you in picking the best ones from shops and sellers.

A Session on the Medicinal Properties of Spices 

Nearly every herb and spice in our collection have therapeutic benefits. In Kerala, they are utilized in Ayurvedic medicine. A few spice extracts are used to produce modern cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There will be a presentation on the traditional usage of therapeutic herbs and spices. After this course, you can create your own spice-based home cures.

Getting to Know Your Dry Spices

Every dry spice has a unique aroma that can spice up your soul. We will help you become acquainted with various dry spices by letting you smell, taste, and feel the spices in our kitchen.

Getting to Know Your Herbs

Aromas and flavor profiles of green spices and herbs enhance and balance the flavor of food. We will introduce you to herbs and spices and explain their combinations and applications.

Collecting Locally Available Spices from the Village

The spice collection experience will allow us to head to Kerala's village walks. We'll walk through the village and take a short canoe cruise through the nearby backwaters to collect spices. We'll visit some local homes and try to gather spices and milk from their backyard farms. We'll also see if we are lucky enough to get some fresh catch from the local anglers! Later, we'll go to a local farmers' market to look for items we couldn't find on the neighborhood's farms and homes.

Snacks or Refreshments from a neighboring Household

Here comes the super exciting part of our session! We will have tea and traditional Kerala snacks from non-touristy, truly local households. This will indeed be a one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

A Session on Spice Combinations and Basic Cooking

We'll get busy with the burner once we reach our kitchen (the Wonderwerk) with the spices and other ingredients we've collected. 

We'll go over the basic spice combinations in simple traditional Kerala food as we cook. We'll talk about how to make South Indian meat soups and stews, marination of meat and fish, and make simple side dishes. With our enhanced knowledge of Indian spices, we hope to assist you in recreating a similar food experience at home.


Sharing the Meal

Eating as a collective is an important part of almost all traditions worldwide. Everyone eats together, whether at home or at feasts. We, the people from different cultures, will sit together and have the food that we made while sharing our stories, love, and lives!

Additional Info

  •          Hands-on Cooking Session
  •          Canoe Cruise on the Backwaters
  •          Village Walks
  •          Spice tour and Spice Collection
  •          Traditional Snacks
  •          Authentic Kerala Meals
  •         Purchase additional items from the market/shop/local homes
  •         Toddy/Coconut Water if any during the walk
  •         Pick up and Drop Services
  •         Any other items which are not mentioned in the inclusion list

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