Spend a Full Day with Cuisine and Cultural Exchange

Starting Point: Cheepunkal, Kumarakom

Available Timing: Cheepunkal, Kumarakom

Duration: 6 Hours

Highlights: Stories, Cooking, Sharing

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Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
Spices in Kerala
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Package Summary

Highlights: Sunrise Cruise, Local Market Visit, Cooking Session, Lunch

Immersing oneself in the cuisine and cultural exchange of a place is an exceptional way to truly experience and learn about it. Our Cuisine and Cultural Exchange provide one with the opportunity to be one with the local ambience of Kumarakom.

We will start our day with a sunrise cruise through the lesser known canals and creeks of Kumarakom and soak in the sunrise and the mesmerizing beauty that it brings along. Upon returning, we will gather locally grown vegetables from the neighbourhood and headout to our kitchen for a hearty breakfast.

Post Breakfast, we will visit the vibrant local market to obtain the necessary ingredients needed for our cooking session. After the market visit, we will gather again in our kitchen for the cooking session. After the cooking session, we will share our lunch and the food we prepared together over stories from each other’s parts of the world and make an effort to forge long lasting ties of brotherhood amongst us. 


Detailed Itinerary

Sunrise Cruise: 

Embarking on a mesmerizing sunrise cruise through the charming canals of Kumarakom sets the perfect tone, with the possibility of stumbling upon an assortment of seasonal fruits from the surrounding area. We can observe the birds foraging and flying over and feeding their littles ones in the nests. We can sit on the canoe and admire the marvelous view that unfolds slowly in front of us with their unveiling with the sun rays. We can also see the local people starting their daily activities and have conversations with them. The early morning neighborhood holds the key to understanding the local way of life, where people reside and savor their homemade delicacies.

Welcome Breakfast: 

Upon our return, we will gather locally sourced vegetables, if available, from the vicinity. We can visit the nearby farms, kitchen gardens, or farmer’s collectives to procure the fresh vegetables. While we collect the vegetables, we shall be sharing how we integrate the concept of ‘Farm to Table’ in our Wonderwerk Kitchen. Once we reach our kitchen, we will indulge in a delightful traditional Kerala breakfast and take a few moments to rejuvenate before delving into our exciting adventure.

Local Market Visit: 

Post breakfast, we will venture to a vibrant market, where we can procure the necessary ingredients for our upcoming cooking session. Interacting with the locals along the village paths provides valuable insights into the authentic existence within this breathtaking part of our magnificent planet. This visit will grant you an opportunity to gain deeper knowledge about the daily-used ingredients and witness the lively atmosphere that pervades our markets.

Cuisine and Cultural Exchange:

After completing our purchases, we will reconvene in the kitchen and commence the cooking session, where you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Indian cuisine. Acquiring this knowledge will empower you to experiment with your own culinary styles when you return home. In our cooking session, we will share our individual culinary styles and have interesting conversations around it which will give both of us insights into our cultures.

Farewell Lunch: 

Following the cooking session, we will relish the delectable food we prepared together, while sharing our stories and forging a lasting connection. The lunch and the conversations will give both of us opportunities to appreciate the different cultures. By the end of our time together, we will bid farewell with warm hugs, and you will forever hold a cherished place in our journey. 


Additional Info

  • Hands-on Cooking Session
  • Kerala Authentic Snacks & Meals
  • Canoe Crusie with Village life
  • Purchase of items from the market/shop/local homes
  • Pick up and Drop-Off Services
  • Any other items which are not mentioned in the inclusion list

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